The SAG NEW MEDIA Television Workshop Series

Every actor who wants to make it to the top of their game should have becoming a part of the Screen Actors Guild on their list as one of their milestones to success.  However, as we all know this is not an easy task.  You need a speaking role as a principal actor or 3 background vouchers on a union show to obtain your SAG Eligibility.  At The Actor's Edge Studios, we can help.

The Actor's Edge Studios, in partnership with LA Castle Studios proudly present to you our highly acclaimed "SAG New Media TV Series Workshop".


After successful completion of our SAG NEW MEDIA workshop, participants will be eligible to audition for one of the two (2) SAG New Media TV Series offered by the Actor's Edge Studios and LA Castle Entertainment!  Plus, these roles count as Television credits on IMDB!  That benefits you whether you are a Union actor already, or just looking to get your SAG card.

Participation in a SAG New Media Web Series allows an actor to both obtain SAG eligibility and receive an IMDb credit.  What's even better is that we will be pitching these quality productions to major networks as Pilots for Television!  That's always great for your resume AND your reels.