Chris Gilmore      
Founder,  Primary Acting Instructor
​​At a very young age, Chris Gilmore had showbiz written into her destiny.  A child actor and starring in her first movie at age 4, she also appeared on such well known television shows as "The Brady Bunch", "Nanny and the Professor," "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour", and "Movies of the Week."  She was also a voice talent for many of the animated  "Hanna Barbera" cartoons.

She was influenced early on by growing up alongside such legendary music greats as Elvis, Brenda Lee, Wayne Newton, and Michael Jackson (just to name a few).  She was also a rock recording artist at a very young age, with a record in the Billboard top 100.   Chris toured the country as the opening act for such classic groups as "The Buffalo Springfield" and others.  Over her lifetime, Chris has composed over 150 songs!

In the Theatrical realm, Chris starred on Broadway as the leading lady in an Alan Jay Lerner Musical at the age of 15; "Lolita."

Making a choice of career shift for personal reasons, Chris became a Casting Director at the tender age of 22. She very quickly became a highly respected and successful Casting Producer who has cast for soaps, syndicated television pilots, movies, web series, commercials, infomercials, kid's shows and reality television as well. She is also an accomplished writer.​
Chris was also privileged to work as a team with Hollywood pioneer & visionary Chuck Barris for many years.  As a successful producer in television with a 100% hit record with Viacom, Chuck could have hired anyone in Hollywood to be his "right hand man."  He chose Chris for a reason. Chuck was quoted in his auto-biographical book as saying: “Chris is one of the most creative minds in Hollywood.”

​With a keen casting eye for talent, and always seeing how actors can perform with more excellence in auditions, Chris also evolved into an incredible teacher. She is also the founder of a previous incarnation of the Actors Edge Studios: a highly successful performing arts school for all levels of actors (from celebrities to beginners), singers, dancers, and models.
She has helped to develop literally tens of thousands of clients comprised of adults, teens, and children. 

Having been a well trained actor with master acting techniques from Method to Meisner, Comedy IMPROV to Commercials, and Shakespeare to Sitcoms, 
Chris developed the very unique and highly effective educational course which she also authored into a book titled "The Steps to Stardom" (published by the esteemed Applause Publishing House) which publishes top acting teachers and ​celebrities in Hollywood.

Robert Burton

Producer, Secondary Acting Instructor​​

​For most of his life, Robert was told by many that he should be in the entertainment industry.  No matter what job he held at the time, it was always the same.
In high school, he was the class clown.  In a 9 year military career spanning the Marine Corps and the Army, Robert was always the one called on by his fellow soldiers to perform skits and entertain.
As a software test engineer, he brought fun and excitement to an environment that is traditionally mundane by doing all kinds of crazy imitations and spot-on monologues.

For only spending such a short time in Hollywood, Robert has come very far.  As a respected voice talent who works directly for NBC, Robert has been the lead voice actor for video games, television & radio commercials, animated television shows, and has also created a small ring tone empire.  
As an actor, Robert has co-starred on TV shows like "No Ordinary Family" and "Matchmakers", as well as movies like "Little Blue Pill" and "The Details."  It was in his lead role as the misguided super hero on the TV series "Rat-Man" however, that helped earn him his 2nd nomination from the LA Comedy Awards in 2011.
Robert began Producing almost instinctively after his first year in Hollywood.  Whenever a project came up that he was working on needed help with casting, location acquisition, or voice and video editing, Robert always stepped up to the plate. Once he started to navigate the strange realm that is IMDB by helping himself and many others to add credits, bios, trivia, and a myriad of other things that most people wouldn't even think of for their career pages, his fate was sealed... he was an Actor / Producer.
Also a part time comedian, Robert became a successful one in March 2012 when he won the LA Comedy Awards for "Most Hilarious Voice Over" presented by Jaime Masada at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood.  High point for 2013: Robert was a Producer for the TV Pilot "Whoa!" with Linda Blair, Leslie Jordan, Dawnn Lewis, Taryn Southern, and Mark Gannt.
​Robert brings his love and passion for the entertainment industry, his wonderful gift for mentoring and producing, his desire to pay it forward, and his limitless potential as a producer and talent to The Actor's Edge Studios.

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