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Actors Edge Studios Burbank, California United States
Actors Edge Studios Burbank, CA United States
Chris Gilmore      
Casting Director, Producer, Writer, Director, and Teacher

Over the course of her bright life, Red Velvet Entertainment’s CEO has co-created many hit Television Shows on major networks like Fox, CBS, NBC, and the Playboy Channel. 

Chris has worked on many successful projects both in television and film as a casting director, producer, and writer for over 30 years.  First as a child star, and then as a casting director, writer, co-creator, producer, and now director.  She's worked with many acclaimed producers, directors, and production companies in the entertainment industry. 


The list includes Paramount, Universal Studios, NBC, CBS, Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Television, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Disney, Saban Entertainment, Phil Gurin of the Gurin Company, Alfred Hitchcock, The Playboy Channel, Merchant/ Ivory Productions, Alan Jay Lerner, Bob Eubanks of Hill Eubanks, Wink Martindale, King World, Hanna Barbera, and Chuck Barris.  


Chuck had a 100% hit record with Viacom until he sold his company to Sony for a reported 3/4 of a Billion Dollars!   From movies to sitcoms, to game shows, to reality TV… Chris has done it all! 

In his autobiographical book, Chuck mentions Chris in saying that “She is one of the most talented, hard-working, creative, and imaginative people I have ever worked with.  And, I’ve worked with a lot of people
!  I am convinced Christina is one of the best-kept secrets in the entertainment business.”   

In 2017, Chris cast the feature film “Followed”, a Supernatural Thriller in the “found-footage” style that resulted in a bidding war from many Distribution companies trying to purchase the rights to the story and its subsequent sequels.

In 2018, Chris wrote, cast, produced, and co-directed the feature film "Blood Pageant" starring Snoop Dogg, Stephen Baldwin, Ted Lange, David Chokachi, Beverley Mitchell, Ellia English, Danielle C. Ryan, Vanessa Vander Pluym, and Matthew Marsden.  The film is scheduled for a 2021 release in theaters worldwide.

​​With a keen casting eye for talent, and always seeing how actors can perform with more excellence in auditions, Chris has also evolved into an incredible teacher.  She's the founder of the Actors Edge Studios: a highly successful performing arts school for all levels of actors (from celebrities to beginners), singers, dancers, and models.
She has helped to develop literally thousands of clients that have been comprised of adults, teens, and children across the board. 

Having been a well-trained actor with master acting techniques from Method to Meisner, Comedy IMPROV to Commercials, and Shakespeare to Sitcoms, 
Chris developed the very unique and highly effective educational course which she also authored into a book titled "The Steps to Stardom" (published by the esteemed Applause Publishing House) which publishes top acting teachers and ​celebrities in Hollywood.
Chris is the founding member of Red Velvet Entertainment, Inc.

Robert Burton

Producer, Actor, Voice Talent, Editor​​

For most of his life, Robert was told by many that he should be in the entertainment industry.  No matter what job he held at the time, it was always the same.
In high school, he was the class clown.  While serving in the Military, Robert was always the one called on by his fellow soldiers to perform skits and entertain the troops.

As a software test engineer, he brought fun and excitement to an environment that is traditionally mundane by doing all kinds of crazy imitations and spot-on monologues.

For only spending such a short time in Hollywood, Robert has come very far.  As a respected voice talent who worked directly for NBC, Robert has been the lead voice actor for video games, television & radio commercials, animated television shows, and has also created a small ring tone empire. 

Robert was already a successful producer and actor before teaming up with Chris Gilmore to form Red Velvet Entertainment. He produced and starred in the popular Internet TV show Rat Man”; hosted and produced the 2013 Los Angeles Music Awards; and co-produced the Award Winning TV Pilot “WHOA! with Linda Blair and Emmy award winner Leslie Jordan.   Robert has also worked on many other projects as a Consulting Producer for film and television production companies, including the Award Winning

“You Will See” with Family Theater Productions and Anthony Sands. 

In 2018, Robert was the Lead Producer for the feature film "Blood Pageant" starring Snoop Dogg, Stephen Baldwin, Ted Lange, David Chokachi, Beverley Mitchell, Ellia English, Danielle C. Ryan, Vanessa Vander Pluym, and Matthew Marsden.  The film is scheduled for a 2021 release in theaters worldwide. 

During a 9-year military career spanning the Marine Corps and the US Army Special Operations Command, Robert learned to combine discipline, humor, and the free spirit of creativity to motivate and inspire others to action.  He served as a Ranger at 2/75th and 3/75th Ranger Battalions.  He is a multi-faceted producer and leader who gives his all to prevent or quickly resolve problems, create smooth production schedules, and come in on or under budget. 

Robert’s “take-charge” and “cool-under-pressure” military attitude, coupled with his cutting-edge knowledge of technology and passion for the entertainment industry make him the indispensable choice as the President for Red Velvet Entertainment, Inc.


He is the 2nd founding member of Red Velvet Entertainment, Inc.

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