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Giving you the edge you need to succeed at all levels, all ages, and all media, since 1992.


Learn more below.


AES has dynamic acting classes for all levels, from working professionals to beginners.


Our curriculum is designed to give a well rounded skill set for on-camera actors in TV, film, and commercials and to be a place to strengthen skills, build confidence, keep current with the industry, and explore your creativity.

We work on different techniques, skills, or genres each month, choosing the month's theme based on what would benefit our actors. It's like having ten schools in one!

Techniques we cover include;

Scene Breakdown, Audition (live and self-tape), Cold-reading, Improv, Elements of Comedy, Method, Meisner, Intensive Dramatic Scene Study, Creating Epic Characters, No Such Thing as a Monologue, Relaxation, Commercial, and much more!


- Just $135 per month. Seriously.

- Includes all scripts/materials

- Includes Audition Coaching

-Cancel or Freeze any time (Cancelation Policy)


- Bi-Monthly Classes, first two weeks of the month except for holidays.

- Full year calendar will be attached to your monthly newsletter.

-Convenient range of class times for West Coast through East Coast.

Kids Division

Actors Edge Studios' Kids Division is Creative Kids Acting


Get advice from a Casting Director's perspective on your headshots, reels, marketing, career trajectory, etc.

- $150 per hour, call to schedule.

- Members get complimentary consultation, up to once per month.


Private Lessons

- $150 per hour, call to schedule.

Online Classes

Why online classes? The entertainment industry has been moving towards remote casting since long before 2020. Now self-tape auditioning is the industry standard. 

Not only are online classes more convenient for all students, but they allow actors from all over the country to work out together, create a more focused environment for artistic growth, and most importantly they prepare you for success on self-tape auditions and callbacks.

How do online classes work?

You will receive your class calendar with each monthly newsletter.

An email including any scripts/materials and a Zoom link will be sent to your email shortly before your class time.

You'll click on the Zoom link and follow the instructions to join the class.

That's it!

You may also find it helpful to print out your scripts or have them on a secondary device.

You will need a working computer or device with stable internet connection, a Zoom account, camera, microphone, and headphones/speakers.

For any further questions, reach out to us.

The Rules

-Be nice.

-Be creative and open minded.

-Believe in yourself!

-Leave ego and fears at home.

-If you have any questions outside of class, don't hesitate to set up a career consultation.

-The Actors Edge Studios is a professional environment. We reserve the right to
refuse service to anyone who is disruptive, exhibits hostility towards us or fellow students, harasses or stalks a member, or whose payments are not current.

-As a member, we care about you. If any other member harasses you or interferes
with your feeling of safety, please notify us asap.

Cancelation or Freeze Policy

You may Cancel or Freeze your membership at the Actors Edge Studios at any time, simply email us up to the last day of the month before any intended freeze or cancelation. Email cancelation or freeze notices to

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